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Utah State University Press

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Standing at the Threshold: Working through Liminality in the Composition and Rhetoric TAship

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Lillian Campbell and Jaclyn Fiscus-Cannaday gathered this research at the University of Washington (UW)—a large public institution in which most undergraduate students identify as STEM—while they were both graduate students in rhetoric and composition at UW. There are two writing programs at UW housed in the English department: the expository writing program (EWP), which is the larger of the two and adopts a writing-across-the-curriculum approach, and the interdisciplinary writing program (IWP), which adopts a writing-in-the-disciplines approach. This research draws on the experiences of first-and second-year TAs tasked with being instructors of record for one of the strains of the EWP first-year writing course.


"Multimodal Analysis and the Composition TAship: Exploring Embodied Teaching in the Writing Classroom," in Standing at the Threshold. Eds. William J. Macauley Jr., Leslie R. Anglesey, Brady Edwards, Kathryn M. Lambrecht and Phillip Lovas. Logan: Utah State University Press, 2021: 31-59. Publisher link. © 2021 Utah State University Press. Used with permission.

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