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The purpose of this paper is to share with fellow readers a modest endeavor to come to a clearer understanding of the Redemptive Role of the Resurrection in terms of salvation; to examine the problems that confronted the primitive Church and the many ardent followers of Christ through the centuries in their efforts to give witness to God's plan of salvation for all men, as they understood it to be presented in the Scriptures, in tradition and salvation history. The author's question as to why there was seemingly so latent an awareness of the import of the resurrectional values and a shift of emphasis in this twentieth century from the stress on the merit, sacrificial and atonement factors of the life of Christ, to the importance of the aspects of the Resurrection and Ascension of the Son of God, has been one of long standing and of interest. A partial answer came through the study of F. X. Durrwell's excellent treatises, The Resurrection and In the Redeeming Christ. More recent subsequent reading of the thorough consideration of the subject by biblical scholars such as Cerfaux, Stanley and several other contemporary theologians has unfolded the issue and brought sheer joy to the reader. A consideration of the reasons for the seeming unawareness of the Apostolic witnesses, the early Church and the centuries of confused thought in regard to the resurrectional import, is the method the author has chosen to present and share some of the ideas gleaned on the subject matter. The author is grateful for all the assistance received in compiling this paper.