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Master's Essay - Restricted

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Master of Arts (MA)


Religious Studies




The purpose of this study is to suggest some insights into the Johannine concept of the Church, seen especially in the themes of abiding, witnessing, and overcoming. These three seem to be key notions in the fourth Gospel and the Apocalypse (although the Johannine epistles, especially the first, offer rich theology, in the present study only the two major Johannine works have been used).

It may be helpful to point out that the title, "Themes of the Church...," does not imply that the three developed are the only ecclesial themes in John, nor that one or more of the three could not also be made a basis for a development of other Johannine "theologies," for example, the theology of discipleship, love, grace, etc. Simply, the themes are three approaches to the pondering of the rich mystery that is the Church.