Date of Award


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Master's Essay - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Education (MEd)



First Advisor

Arthur S. McDonald

Second Advisor

Lester VanGilder


Reading is the crux of all education. Its complexity has challenged researchers to find procedures that will enable students to perform more nearly in accordance with their potential.

Reading essentially is not a subject but an evaluative process by which characters or symbols are made meaningful. The necessitates a combination of auditory, visual, and linguistic skills. When referring to the printed form, reading, whether oral or silent, involves a two-fold process: mechanical, comprising phonics, structural clues, word recognition, and speed; mental, involving meaningful interpretation of text depicted by one's ability to determine the main idea, to logically glean specific details, to make inferences, to determine organizational patterns and story tone, to anticipate the author's intent, to adjust rate of reading to content, and to develop a conceptual vocabulary. A mature reader, therefore, must possess an alert, exploratory, reflective, critical, imaginative mind in order to recognize and imbue arbitrary associations with meaning.