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Master's Essay - Restricted

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Master of Education (MEd)



First Advisor

Roman A. Bernert

Second Advisor

John M. Ivanoff


Throughout the United States there is a growing awareness of the great waste in human resources that exists in this country; it is estimated that more than three-fourths of the young people terminate their formal education with graduation from high school or even earlier. There is widespread conviction among educators and laymen alike that through the guidance and training of our youth, whatever their socio-economic background, is our nation's most effective safeguard for both the present and the future. There seems to be almost universal agreement that a vigorous effort must be made on a national level to give these young people the encouragement and support, and to provide them with a broad liberal education as well as the specialized training considered necessary in today's world. It is felt tnat in this way they will be able to make their contributions to society consonant with their aptitudes and abilities. Economic or social factors should not hamper the achievement of this goal. With this thought uppermost in mind, the following study is made in an effort to determine if one socio-economic factor, that of housing, materially affects or influences the school achievement and social adjustment of students.