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Master's Essay - Restricted

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Master of Arts (MA)




"Drovers a many have laid waste my vineyard, trampled down my lands; the land I loved so, turned into a lonely wilderness 1 Desolate have they made it, and desolate it mourns for me now; a very picture of desolation, and all for the want of men with heeding hearts."1

How often the holy prophet Jeremiah has been quoted, for his words are timeless. If he walked through the streets of the modern world, would he change his statement in any way? Perhaps not, unless to add a further cry of dismay that the Son of God continues to be ignored, forgotten, denied, persecuted, and condemned. No wonder the world is desolate, Man is too busy to think about his final destination, in spite of the fact that he is in a terrific hurry to get there.