Julianne Johnson


I would like to take the opportunity to thank the many people who contributed to the development of this essay and workshop. Special thanks to Dr. Ron Zaffrann for his guidance, suggestions and encouragement. I wish to thank all the women and organizations who participated in the initial survey of the problems encountered by working mothers~ the results of the survey formed the basis of this workshop. Special recognition goes to Jane Rasmussen of the YWCA in Milwaukee and Marlene Katsion of the Colonial Bank & Trust Company in Chicago for .their exceptional assistance. I owe a great deal to Marilynn J. Wilke, who consistently and generously shared her knowledge, expertise and time. Her assistance was invaluable throughout the entire process. Special thanks, too, to J. Michael Sowers, Mary E. Pardee, and Barbara Dean Silver for their support, encouragement and assistance at critically important times. And finally, but perhaps most importantly, my heartfelt thanks and appreciation goes to my family for their constant support and encouragement. Without their help, this endeavor would not have been possible. I wish to pay special recognition to my father, C. Paul Johnson, for his everconstant help in enabling me to accomplish my goals and dreams.