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Master's Essay - Restricted

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Master of Education (MEd)



First Advisor

Frank L. Steeves

Second Advisor

Margaret C. Gillespie

Third Advisor

Joanne G. Kania


Dyslexia is a cover-all term used in alluding to a syndrome associated with, among other graphic arts, reading. Basically it is an inability to attach meaning to written symbols (words). Professionals have disagreed as to its etiology and many of its manifestations or symptoms. They have debated as to whether it is neurologically oriented or if it is due to a cerebral accident. They cannot decide whether it is genetically determined, or if it is secondary to a reading difficulty. These are only a few of the issues regarding etiology. As to symptomatology, many of its facets are agreed upon except, whether the child or adult must manifest a specific pattern of them or whether he must show an inclination to all of the symptoms which a specific author delineates as a criteria for Minimal Cerebral Dysfunction.