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In attempting a review of criticism of James Joyce's Dubliners the basic assumption of this paper will be the same as t he basic assumption of t he literary critic: there are certain things wo can say about a work of literature and our choice of what to say depends upon a personal opinion of what is valuable and what is not valuable in the material read. What I say about the critics will demonstrate my values and opinions, just as the choices of the critics show what aspects of Dubliner s t hey consider to be of value. There are several areas available and the critics had t o make their choices . It was possible for each critic of Dubliners t o try to cover all these areas but more frequently he chose one area in preference to t he others. What were his choices? He might have chosen to discuss the genesis of the book: sources, influences , milieu, memorios and personalities involved in the creative process and with Joyce this is effective. It is helpful to know what went into the mind of James Joyce that came out on paper as the fifteen stories in the collection that he labeled Dubliners. From among these genetic aspects a critic might have chosen to discuss in full any area to the exclusion of the others or he might have tried to make a statement on the total creative process.