A Handbook for Parents of Blessed Sacrament School

Mary Augusta Majewski, Marquette University


In the past few decades, relations between parents and teachers have taken on a unity and a consequent tension uncommon to them in the years past. Parents are no longer content to view the education of their children in the perspective of absolute trust and surrender to the community school system. The mothers and fathers of the children we teach are a part of the great unrest born of a questioning society who, in this particular case, urgently need to realize the concrete and idealized processes in the school lives of their children; and to know them intimately in order to make possible the integration of this part of their growth and that of their children with those of community and family togetherness.

This paper is directed toward this end -- to give the parents a thorough understanding of the entire education of their children. This, coupled with an explanation of the customs of our school, is then extended to the parents for consideration of their place in the education of their children. Only in this way will a harmonious relationship between home and school become reality. From a closeness of this kind flows cooperation which accompanies communication between these ii. two well springs in the lives of the children, and the parents can intelligibly and responsibly take upon their shoulders their share of the burden in the education of their children.