Date of Award


Degree Type

Master's Essay - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Education (MEd)



First Advisor

Thomas Martin


The purpose of this Master's Essay was to formulate an Admissions Policy Manual for Marquette University High School. Included in the Admissions Policy Manual would be policies relating to such things as admission to the school, special admission situations, the summer school program and the awarding of financial aid. This essay represents the primary and formative steps in adopting an Admissions Policy for Marquette High School. Marquette University High School is a four year, Jesuit college-preparatory school for boys. Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the school serves students from a five county area representing 154 feeder schools. Marquette High is a selective enrollment school and seeks only to enroll students who are capable of handling a rigorous curriculum. Prior to this project, the school did not have an Admissions Policy Manual.

The planning process for this Essay involved surveying various administrators who encounter admissions issues frequently in the course of their duties. The surveyed administrators were then asked to be members of an Admissions and Financial Aid Policy Committee. The following administrators were involved in this project as committee members: Principal, Academic Assistant Principal, Admissions Director, Business Manager, Development Director, Director of Communications, and Work-Grant Program Coordinator.

The entire committee met three times after the initial survey. Various subcommittees met frequently to discuss particular issues. The Admissions Policy Manual project, a twelve month endeavor, began in January, 1993 and will conclude with formal adoption in January, 1994.

The final phase of the project will involve review, amendment or correction, and adoption by two key groups. The first group to receive the document will be the Marquette High School Administrative Team. The team is comprised of nine administrators, six members of the original committee, excluding the Work-Grant Coordinator, as well as the President, Dean of Students and Alumni Director. Upon approval by the Administrative Team, the Admissions Policy Manual will be sent to the Academic Committee of the Board of Directors. It is with this committee that the power to adopt and enforce any policy regarding admissions lies. Should the Admissions Policy Manual be approved by the Academic Committee on behalf of the Board of Directors, it will become the official document upon which all admissions decisions are based.

In summary, the benefits derived from the Admissions Policy Manual project are as follows: 1) Marquette High School has enhanced its legal standing by virtue of a written policy that was adopted and endorsed by the board of directors of the school. 2) Those charged with making decisions regarding admissions will now have a resource document to help guide all admissions related decisions. 3) Various parts of the manual may be reproduced for use in communicating with the various publics of the school. 4) A level of consistency is gained, enabling better stability in admissions decisions. 5) A reference is established for new administrative and board personnel.