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Master's Essay - Restricted

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Master of Education (MEd)



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George J. Mouly


Will I be successful in algebra? Why should I elect to take algebra? These questions illustrate the types of problems which constantly arise in connection with the counseling of individuals in the selection of subjects in junior high school.

Prediction in terms of estimating chance for success is inescapable in human affairs. This prediction of probable success or failure is necessary and essential in education. Much time and study has been devoted by educators to ascertain which factors are the best predictive determinants.

Students who are incapable of doing successful work in a subject are spared the waste of considerable time and energy. Their energies are directed to other courses adapted to their needs and abilities. Students with superior aptitude in mathematics; those to whom the next generation must look for its mathematicians, scientists, engineers, doctors, and the like are discovered early and are advised to enroll in the regular course in mathematics where they received the type of instruction suited to their interest and abilities.