Date of Award


Degree Type

Master's Essay - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Education (MEd)



First Advisor

Roman A. Bemert

Second Advisor

James M. Hanlon


Statement of the Problem

A natural concern of every teacher is that he receives an adequate financial reward for his teaching services. Usually the administration of a school is equally concerned that those on the staff earn sufficient and equitable wages.

In a majority of schools, primarily the public schools, this concern is dealt with through a salary schedule. Such is not the case in most independent secondary schools. This project was designed to develop a salary schedule for an independent co-educational day school, the University School of Milwaukee. This school was created through a merger of three separate independent schools, Milwaukee Country Day School, Milwaukee Downer Seminary, and Milwaukee University School, in July, 1964. It is appropriate that if a major policy change in faculty salaries is to be made, the time for it would be at this point, in the early years of the school.

The study included four distinct parts. The first of these determined the degree of dissatisfaction on the part of the faculty with the lack of a full scale salary schedule at the University School. The second stage investigated current salary schedule structures of the public schools in the geographic vicinity of the school. The third aspect of the problem was to present a salary schedule for the teachers of the University School based upon the patterns found in the neighboring public schools. The fourth, and final, step in the study dealt with the financial implications for the school with the adoption of the salary program proposed in the third part. That is, the feasibility of the idea in terms of cost were considered.