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Master's Essay - Restricted

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Master of Education (MEd)



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George J. Mouly


A predominant pattern of nursing education in the United states is the traditional three year hospital school of nursing organized as a department of the hospital. The school is administered by a director who is usually responsible to the hospital administrator. With the exception of a small contribution from student fees, small tuition, and in rare instances, endowments, the school is financially dependent on the hospital. The hospital provides room, board, and laundry for student service for patient care. Because of this setup, it is difficult for the director of a school of nursing to guarantee that education always takes precedence over service . Today there is a definite trend for gradual separation of the control and organization of schools of nursing from that of the hospital. As a preliminary step toward this, both the Catholic Hospital Association and the Accrediting Service of the National League for Nursing have recommended for a long time that the costs of nursing education and of nursing service be separated so that the school of nursing and the hospital may keep separate budgets and records of cost.