Date of Award

Fall 1979

Degree Type

Master's Essay - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)




This study was designed to: (1) evaluate client achievement of stated program objectives and (2) determine items presented during the program which clients perceived as helpful to their continued performance of exercise after program completion. Two questionnaires were designed by the researcher. The preprogram questionnaire was designed from the fifteen stated program objectives. The postprogram questionnaire consisted of the preprogram questionnaire, a list of items which were rated by the clients, and one open-ended question. The preprogram questionnaire was administered to 26 cardiac clients prior to program entry. The postprogram questionnaire was administered to 18 clients at program completion and to 10 clients at three months postprogram completion. A score of 70 percent or greater was necessary in order for an individual program objective to be achieved. Helpful items were listed in rank order, starting with the highest percentage of very helpful ratings chosen by the clients. Prior to program entry, clients were unable to successfully achieve all but one (pulse rate determination) of the program objective. After program completion, clients successfully achieved all but one objective (identification of the relationship of exercise to coronary artery disease). Three months after program completion, clients continued to achieve program objectives related to pulse rate determination; knowledge of exercise-limiting symptoms; and exercise type, frequency, and duration. All of the items describing the exercise program were rated as moderately or very helpful by 50 percent or more of all clients. Clients' responses to the open-ended question were categorized as suggestions for additional individualization of certain program experiences, as clients' perceptions of increased self-confidence, and as miscellaneous statements. The results of the study therefore demonstrate clients' achievement of stated program objectives and clients' perceptions of helpful items within an exercise program.