Date of Award


Degree Type

Master's Essay - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Education (MEd)



First Advisor

Robert B. Nordberg

Second Advisor

Carl G. Thom


Counseling has provided healing to those who have found themselves distraught and confused. The field of counseling has progressed recognizing people's lives are comprised of various components, those being the intellectual, emotional, physical and social elements. Psychiatrists and psychologists have developed counseling theories to cultivate wholeness within a person's life.

Spirituality is a component within one's life that has an effect on personality. Spirituality, which comes from the soul, is that component which counselors need to attend to regarding the spiritual growth and wholeness in their clients' life. What then is the soul as a component in regard to men and women?

It is taken for granted that this paper specifically is written and directed to those who "believe." The existence and definition of soul is a vast subject. It has challenged the best philosophers and theologians. I write therefore from the standpoint of Christian faith which assumes a belief of a soul. I will however define terms which will be used to give substance to this essay.

In this essay I will develop how the soul is interwoven in each of us, fostering spirituality. This essay will clarify how spirituality is a component that also contributes to wholeness and must be reckoned with as an important factor in counseling. I will exhibit how, when choices are made to move away from spiritual values and morals, it can create confusion and emotional distress. This paper will hopefully clarify this need and possible evolve as an integral tool for evaluating the Counselor-Education Program at Marquette University.