Date of Award


Degree Type

Master's Essay - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Education (MEd)



First Advisor

David E. Willis

Second Advisor

W.W. Theisen


The primary question in the mind of any administrator or business education teacher is: How efficient is the transition from business education departments of secondary schools to after-secondary-school pursuits?

The problem is this: Is the basic business education curriculum adequate in depth and breadth in helping students to meet the competitional challenges which will arise during their "heat of the day" experiences after high school graduation? Has the department fulfilled its responsibility in guiding its students to a well-ordered life, spiritually and materially, in the greatest of all transitions--from the Almighty Dollar to the Almighty God?

These questions bring out into the open for clearance the evaluation of the existing curriculum; the efficiency, or lack of it, in the curriculum guidance program; the stability or instability in choice of electives made by high school students; and the demands made by employers, professors, and others holding positions of authority in the various fields.