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Master's Essay - Restricted

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Master of Education (MEd)



First Advisor

George J. Mouly


Providing a good field for teaching the social and health aspects of nursing to the diploma student has long been a national problem which increases as emphasis is placed more and more on health promotion. There appears a need for investigation into the various ways in which it can be solved. Treating the whole-patient is interpreted, in part, as health promotion and the recognition of social factors in disease. In almost all aspects of the nursing education program, nursing educators have been aware of the ideal situation in which nursing is placed by having access t o the facilities which hospitals have to offer. Teaching health measures should come when the patient i s well, in order to help him keep his health. The hospital bed is hardly the place for such teaching.

Public Health agencies are insufficient in number and in personnel to carry the responsibility of teaching health and social aspects to students. Furthermore, these agencies are primarily service agencies and a teaching program. would necessarily impose an added burden. As these agencies are the most logical place to obtain this necessary experience and they are not available, the problem becomes more complicated.