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Master's Essay - Restricted

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Master of Education (MEd)



First Advisor

Robert C. Craig

Second Advisor

David E. Willis


The greatest national asset a country can boast of is its youth. A country is as strong as its youth is strong; it is as gifted as its youth is gifted. Leaders and rebels know this well.

No matter how trite the adage that, "Our youth are the leaders of tomorrow, " it is still very true . Hence the necessity of all institutions which train these future citizens and future leaders to step aside from time to time, in order to evaluate their successes and failures, and above all to appraise their philosophy.

It is therefore, imperative that administration and faculty alike appraise and evaluate in the light of their specific philosophy, the results of their teaching. This is done through a follow-up study of the school's graduates in which the question of the curriculum offered is of basic importance. How effective is it? Is the curriculum varied enough and rich enough to provide for the less gifted as well as for the superior student?