Date of Award


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Master's Essay - Restricted

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Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)




The purpose of this descriptive study was to analyze data resulting from implementation of the Kinlein Practice Concept of Nursing Care. Through this study of the practice concept of professional nursing that which is unique to the professional practice of nursing has been identified, defined, and studied, first by Kinlein, and presently by the investigators.

The setting for the client appointments was the offices of the investigators. Documentation through verbatim written recording of the appointments at the time of the interaction comprised the data. The sample consisted of four clients who sought nursing care from the investigators, had three or more appointments, and agreed to having their documented nursing care analyzed. Two elements of the nurse - client appointments were extracted and analyzed. These were expressions of need and self-care assets. Ten client appointments were analyzed through semantic content analysis in relation to these questions:

1. What are the properties of clients' expressions of need as conveyed to the professional nurse at the time of an appointment?

2. What categories of self-care assets are identified in the client appointments?

A beginning typology of properties of expressions of need and categories of self-care assets emerged from the data analysis. Based on the findings of the content analysis of the documented nursing care, several recommendations were outlined in regard to the practice, the education, and the research of professional nursing.