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Master's Essay - Restricted

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Master of Education (MEd)




Lately, much emphasis has been put on the needs and placement of exceptional children; however, very little is done for the parents of these children. Often, no one takes the time to explain in understandable terms or in detail the childrens' academic problems. The parents of Learning Disabled students, as well as all parents of exceptional students are left at the mercy of the school systems for interpretation and placement, and often they understand very little about the process.

The emotional side of the problem lies with environmental stress and poor performance, and the inability of some children to cope with the frustration and failure that has confronted them since their early school days. Often, by the time the child's problem has been diagnosed, many years of frustration and failure have also gone by. It is reasonable then to assume that parents have, also, borne this burden of frustration and failure in dealing with their children. Parents must receive emotional support and be reassured of their role in the entire educational process of their children, their newly realized self-assurance may even enhance the educational benefits the child will receive.

School systems must work on the establishment of programs to provide group guidance for parents of children with exceptional educational needs. This essay deals with a group guidance program for parents of children with Learning Disabilities (LD), and educating them to the educational and emotional aspects of the problem.