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Master's Essay - Restricted

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Master of Arts (MA)



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William J. Kelly


There are persons who think that as far as the relationship between God and human beings is concerned, human beings are a kind of tabula rasa which God impregnates with a special commodity called grace. The exploration into the ideas of Rahner on the subject proves the contrary. Rahner's ideas clearly demonstrate that in the very act of creating us, God endows us with a capacity which makes the reception of grace from God possible. Hence the purpose of this research paper is to show Rahner's position on the concept of grace, its reception, consequences and implications for human nature, history and evangelization.

The first section in this paper attempts to uncover Rahner's concept of grace which he comes to through dialogue with scholastics in the early years of his theological career.

The second section deals with the consequences of the gift and acceptance of grace for human beings and history, and in particular for those who have not yet encountered the Gospel in their lives. The third section brings out the implications for evangelization of the promise of salvation to all humankind.