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Master's Essay - Restricted

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Master of Education (MEd)



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Adrian M. Dupuis


During the 1950's, the control structure of Catholic schools in the United States began to shift from pastoral to lay control through the diocesan and parish board of education movement. By 1960 there were five dioceses operating under boards; in 1965 there were almost fifty diosesan and many parish boards. In the spring of 1966, "over one third of the dioceses have working Boards with lay representation." Msgr. D'Amour says that it is "quite safe to predict that the pattern of lay-cleric diocesan boards will within three years be the dominant one. On the parish level, boards of education are spreading with such rapidity that it is impossible to make an accurate count. Many authorities predict that, within five years, at least ninety per cent of Catholic schools will be operating under boards of education."