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Master's Essay - Restricted

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Master of Arts (MA)




The Catechist involved in a transitional parish is deeply aware of the painful struggle which the Church is enduring at the local level. At one extreme are a few persons, open by nature, training, education or whatever to the basic spiritual renewal, and eager to live a free Christian life; at the other extreme are a few basically closed persons who may not presently be able to hear the Christian message. The majority are persons whose faith is undeveloped. It would seem to be the work of the catechist to help these people face their struggle, to be a faith-filled person in their presence, in particular, to lead them by his own fearless willingness to risk all for the love of Christ in his fellow men. And since his position is that of catechist, it belongs to him more properly to lead in those matters which customarily fall to one in that position, among them that of assisting students in preparation for the sacraments.