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Master's Essay - Restricted

First Advisor

John Ivanoff


The following study examines Supported Employment and the impact it has had on mainstreaming disabled individuals into the competitive work force. Legislation, public and private rehabilitation facilities, and public opinion have all had a profound effect on the program and its success rate. These influences have determined the organization of services, the training and qualifications of its personnel, the categorization of disabilities, and the procedures each program will follow. Therefore, it is important to take a close look at the structure of Supported Employment and determine the significance and placement success rate of its services.

Supported Employment deals with many different disabilities at various levels of severity. Therefore, in order to study the significance and success rate of this program, two specific populations were identified and charted. These populations were the mentally retarded and the mentally ill. The study charted the rate of successful placement within the community in each population. Then, a comparison was made between the two populations. Experimental and control groups were supplied through 1989 placement statistics at Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Wisconsin.