Clare Ahler

Date of Award


Degree Type

Master's Essay - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Education (MEd)

First Advisor

Frank U. Steeves

Second Advisor

Richard Blankenburg

Third Advisor

A. Dupuis


The topic of the nongraded school has long been matter for discussion at an informal level among teachers and parents. It has been the subject of numerous magazine articles and research.papers. Planning committees for educational conventions and workshops have placed it on the agenda time and time again. Scholars in the field of educational research have devoted considerable time and effort to serious study of this topic.

The topic, the nongraded school, is important for two reasons. In the first place, primary teachers on the staff at Saint Sebastian School are interested in the concept of nongradedness and in the practical application of that concept. The other area of concern is more general, but no less felt. As indicated above, many educators, and, more especially, many elementary teachers, share this interest in the concept and practice of nongradedness. Because sound educational practice is built on equally sound educational theory, it is reasonable to conclude that a review of the concept and related practices of nongradedness would satisfy an existing need in elementary education.

The method used is that of library research. Periodical literature, several excel lent and basic volumes on the subject, and detailed case studies are used as the main sources of information.