Date of Award

Spring 1990

Degree Type

Master's Essay - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)



First Advisor

Fox, Robert


Changes in our society have resulted in smaller and highly mobile families. As a result, many new parents have little experience with babies and support from their families is brief or unavailable. They enter their now role feeling ill prepared and anxiously absorb information about parenting from many sources including health professionals, books, magazines and friends with children. Recently, classes for new parents about infant stimulation have become popular. Parents who attend these classes are typically first-time parents who have at least a college degree. They have heard that experiences in infancy are important for their babies physical, emotional, and cognitive well-being and they want to know more about it. Being highly educated, they are interested in research in the area. In this paper I will discuss the research which serves as a basis for classes in infant stimulation. The literature review is limited to the cognitive effects of early experiences. However, physical and socio-emotional effects are included in the class outline. The outline is referenced separately for the readers convenience.