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Master's Essay - Restricted

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Master of Arts (MA)




There was a Russo-Polish war in 1920. An examinat1on of current reference works reveals an amaz1ng dearth or coverage of this topic. Encyclopedias, generally, om1t that the event occurred, but do not treat of it 1n detail, implying thereby that the war had meager eign1flcanoe, either for the contenders, or for history in general. Textbook writers, too, where they take cognizance of it, tend to dismiss 1t with a broad generalization or a capsule cr1t1cism.

It 1e the belief of this writer that this war of 1920 was of major importance and that the events surrounding it need setting out in detail. 0nly ln that way can its e1gn1f1cane for Europe be seen.