Date of Award

Summer 1980

Degree Type

Master's Essay - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)



First Advisor

Zaffman, Ronald T.


Over a year ago, I decided that the topic of suggestology, suggestopedia, SALT, or super-learning was of interest to me - enough so to support the necessary research into the topic to warrant writing my essay about it. What has become of special interest to me in this study is to what degree this technique, methodology, strategy can be used successfully with children with learning disabilities, as well as whether or not there are actually some children who do not really "fit" in the category of "learning disabled". In this past year plus, I have found there is an abundance of information in obscure places, from Ames, Iowa to Sofia, Bulgaria. Or is it obscure information in an abundance of places? In any case, I have enjoyed my study and hope in my sharing of what I have found, I will stir or stimulate the curiosity of other educators, if only for them to be aware of the power of suggestion and of what effect their use of suggestion has on their many students. The following paper is organized into nine chapters, separate, yet interconnected. Chapter I is the introduction to the topic and Chapter II deals with the theory and practice of the Lozanov Method and its American adaptation. Chapters III, IV and V deal in various ways with the use of suggestopedia and its various components with the learning disabled population, as well as information from various studies with groups of both learning disabled and "normal'' children. Chapter VI deals with hypnosis and hypnotherapy with children, specifically children with learning problems of various sorts. It also covers the similarities and differences between suggestopedia and hypnosis. Chapter VII is devoted to a review of teacher characteristics and teacher training programs. Chapter VIII centers on research needs for the future, and Chapter IX serves as the summary and concluding remarks.