Date of Award

Spring 1963

Degree Type

Master's Essay - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


Business Administration


The accounting profession is today plagued with a poor public image resulting in considerable measure from its preoccupation with the precise recording of accomplished fact. "Accountants have been accused in the past, not without foundation, of spending too much time finding out what has happened and too little in helping make things happen."Business executives are not concerned as much with past history as with what is happening today, next month, and next year. The higher the level of management, the further ahead such planning is found. Top management must devise a master plan to cope with conditions expected in the future. The very success or failure of the enterprise rests on the validity of the executives' judgment. A golden opportunity then exists for the progressive accountant, whether he be an employee or an independent auditor, to assume an important role in management. An integrated budget system is the accountant's tool for coordinating business operations. The industrial accountant who recognizes the executives' need for the methodology of forecasting and budgetary control can make a positive contribution to the success of the company...