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"With over a century of living history to its credit, it is fitting that the members of the Marquette University community should choose to reflect on what it was and what it has become. The Haggerty Museum, now into its 23rd year of service on the campus, both exemplifies how far the University has come and provides a suitable venue for the event.

Photography, whose existence extends only slightly longer than the 125 years chronicled here, offers a medium of convenience to tell the story. In this instance, the photographs are of ordinary lived experiences, places or events marking the passage of time. A special feature of this particular exhibition is its double-play on the elements of time. Historic photographs in the exhibition reference particular moments of the past as icons, while the contemporary photographs of related incidents are juxtaposed with the earlier ones. The photographs are not intended as art photography. Rather, they document the memories of people and places important to the evolution of Marquette University’s campus life."


Published version. Haggerty Museum gallery guide entitled "Marquette Then and Now: Images Celebrating 125 Years of Faith and Learning in Action" (2007). ©2007 Haggerty Museum of Art, Marquette University. Used with permission.