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India Poems: The Photographs of Milwaukee Artist Waswo X Waswo is the most recent in an on-going series of exhibitions at the Haggerty featuring the works of contemporary local photographers. Born and raised in Milwaukee, after several trips to the subcontinent, Waswo decided to pack up his belongings, camera in tow, and immerse himself in the life and culture of India.

With images that recall the nineteenth-century Pictorialist tradition, Waswo's photographs capture what the artist describes as the timeless quality of life in rural India. Waswo is aware of the aesthetic and political minefield he walks through as a contemporary Western artist creating images that "seek to keep India unique, alluring and ageless:" His photographs are, subsequently, extraordinarily thoughtful and genuine.


Published version. Haggerty Museum gallery guide entitled "India Poems: The Photographs of Milwaukee Artist Waswo X. Waswo" (2007). ©2007 Haggerty Museum of Art, Marquette University. Used with permission.