Disability is a living human experience. It is not merely a medical or biological phenomenon, and, hence, not only a subject for the sciences. Perspectives on disability are deeply rooted in culture, religion, and in medicine. Academics and disability activists have increasingly come to view disability as more than a medical diagnosis, often highlighting it as an issue of social justice and equity. As such, our understanding of disability in all of its complexities would tremendously benefit from collaboration between sciences and humanities. Using interdisciplinary approaches to examine disability as a fluid and dynamic concept may help us to explore disability as an identity and as social construct as well.

The conference seeks to encourage open discussion, deeper understanding, and breakdown of stigma associated with disability. To accomplish these goals, the conference aims to generate inclusive dialogues and interdisciplinary interactions between academia, community organizers, religious leaders, social and legal activists, and health care providers. The conference will serve as a platform to foster collaboration between various groups to improve our understanding of various ramifications of disability and improving disability conditions.

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Disability at the Intersection of Culture, Religion, and Health