Mechanical, chemical and X-ray analysis of wood in the two tropical lianas Bauhinia guianensis and Condylocarpon guianense: variations during ontogeny

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Mechanical and chemical properties as well as microfibril angles of wood tissues from different ontogenetic stages are determined for the neotropical lianas Bauhinia guianensis and Condylocarpon guianense. The mechanical properties include the elastic moduli under bending and under dynamic torsion. The chemical analyses cover (i) the content of cellulose, lignin and hemicelluloses fractions, (ii) the monomeric composition of the uncondensed lignin, and (iii) the composition of the hemicelluloses with respect to neutral monosaccharides. By comparing the wood properties of these lianas with the corresponding properties of wood from self-supporting deciduous trees, common characteristics and differences are revealed. Additionally, the changes in the lignin and polysaccharides fractions as well as the variations in microfibril orientation that occur during ontogeny of the two liana species are discussed with regard to their implications for the mechanical properties of wood.