Effect of storage period in seed and seedling vigour of Entada pursaetha DC., an endangered gigantic medicinal liana

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Seed Science and Technology


This study was designed to analyze the effect of the duration of storage period on the viability, seed and seedling vigour of E. pursaetha. Freshly harvested seeds were divided into four parts and hermetically stored at room temperature (25 +/- 2 degrees C) and were used for measuring the viability of seeds at one year storage interval for five years. Boiling water pretreatment was used to remove the hardness of seed coat, followed by hardening to break their dormancy. Freshly harvested seeds showed the highest percentage of germination, seed and seedling Vigour. They maintained the same viability up to one year, but later the viability was progressively reduced with prolonged storage period and reached 39% by the last year. Seed and seedling vigour also gradually decreased with the storage period.

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