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9 p.

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Winter 1990


Association for Library and Information Science Education

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Journal of Education for Library and Information Science

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A study was conducted in 1986 by the Education and Library Use Committee of the Wisconsin Association of Academic Librarians to determine the educational backgrounds and characteristics of bibliographic instruction (BI) librarians in Wisconsin. The results of the survey indicated that the education for BI has been insufficient and that there is a very real need for additional and/or supplemental education in this area. The methods most preferred for educational enhancement are self-study and workshops. A recommendation was made for one approach to resolving the dilemma: offering a series of courses, in the form of one- to three-day seminars, through the University of Wisconsin Certificate of Professional Development Program. This organized program of study now offers a bibliographic instruction track, consisting of four core courses, which is to be supplemented with additional electives. Until such time as library instruction is standard fare and fully integrated into our library school offerings, it is the hope that this approach may serve as a model for one method of accommodating the educational needs of instruction librarians.


Accepted version. Journal of Education for Library and Information Science, Vol. 30, No. 3 (Winter 1990): 193-205. Permalink. © 1990 Association for Library and Information Science Education. Used with permission.