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2014 Wisconsin Association of Academic Librarians Conference


Presenters will report on an ongoing pilot project to manage data generated by National Science Foundation grants using bepress’ Digital Commons institutional repository software. The challenge of creating a home for data on a repository created for publications was met through the creation of a series that brings together all grant output, i.e. raw and aggregated data, publications, presentations, and other research output. Further challenges in obtaining and managing varying formats of raw data (numerical, image, video, sound), and large volumes of data will be discussed. Metadata for series with such diverse formats presents its own difficulties, especially when a main component is the description of datasets. Finally, the importance of partnering with various stakeholders, both in the library and on campus, cannot be overstated, and the working relationship between these groups will be explored.


Presented version. Data Management for Research Grants: A Marquette Pilot Project. 2014 WAAL Annual Conference: Charting a Course for Adventure. Wisconsin Dells, WI. May 2014. PowerPoint presentation. Permalink.

Data Management for Research Grants: A Marquette Pilot Project is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.