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Summer 2008


American Library Association (ALA)

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Library Administration & Management

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In an article published in the Chronicle of Higher Education, University of Texas System Chancellor Mark Yudof wrote, "Mark Twain would recognize the situation. Everyone talks about the governance and financing of higher education, although, as in the case of the weather, few feel that they can do anything about it"' Much agony has been expressed over higher education's immediate future in the United States and elsewhere, given the movement to regulate academic and financial management from the outside. Many colleges and universities respond to societal pressures by pursuing change in small, incremental steps. Yet those same pressures for accountability, affordability, and access to education require an institutional response that demonstrates agile planning to achieve high performance, including for libraries. What possibilities are there for transformational change in libraries? A case for appropriating transformational models in academic libraries will be explored in the article that follows, focusing in particular on libraries in public colleges and universities.


Published version. Library Administration & Management, Vol. 22, No. 3 (Summer 2008): 130-134. Publisher Link. © 2008 American Library Association. Used with permission.