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2015 Digital Initiatives Symposium, University of San Diego


Libraries are well-positioned for partnership with digital humanities efforts in several ways. The management of digital items and the description of information resources for future researchers make libraries natural partners in digital humanities projects. Often Humanities scholars will reach out to the library for support or even guidance in these projects.

At Marquette University, the Gothic Archive exemplifies the development of this collaboration. Though the Archive started as a humble collection of digitized and transcribed gothic chapbooks, it is being developed into an interwoven collection of digitized materials and contextual objects and promises to become a full-fledged digital humanities tool.

In this presentation, librarians from Marquette and a member of the project team from the English Department will discuss the Gothic Archive as a case study for faculty-library collaboration in developing a digital humanities project. Starting from the beginning with the development of the initial seed collection with a faculty member from English, the presenters will describe the partnership and how it contributed to the evolution of the project.

Along the way, presenters will discuss strategies for discussing synthesis of materials with their faculty partners and how to relate these strategies to their faculty partners. How they adapted static repository software to house a dynamic digital humanities project, and what role Gothic Archive plays and promises to play in Humanities research and teaching will also be discussed.


Submitted version. Published as part of the proceedings of the 2015 Digital Initiatives Symposium.

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