Marquette Literary Review

The Marquette Literary Review is Marquette University’s digital review of creative writing on campus. It’s written, edited, and published annually by university students and faculty. Its first issue was published in spring 2009.

All of the poems, stories and essays published in the Marquette Literary Review are self-expressions of those who created them and are not intended to represent the ideas or views of the MLR staff or its advisors; the Marquette faculty, staff, or administration; the student body; or any other group associated with Marquette University.

Current Volume: Volume 14 (2022)


Marquette Literary Review, Issue 14, Spring 2022
Nora Bravos, Gwendolyn Lazenby, Rebecca Mathew, Eric Seger-Pera, Margarita Buitrago, Karen Nikhla, Fiona Kelly-Miller, Matthew Faller, Ben Lash, Kelsie Klasky, Alex Garner, Julie Whelan Capell, Gracie Overstreet, Matt Covington, Emma Mueller, C. K. Ives, Timothy Knapp, Eric Nassos, Tess Murphy, and Bianey Calixto-Dominguez