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[cover] When Day Comes, Leslie Damasek

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3 Editor’s Note

4 Table of Contents

5 Table of Contents ————— Relationships

8 Gracie Overstreet, “On Non-happy endings”

7 Tess Murphy. “a windowsill”

9 Eric Seger-Pera, “A Long Time Ago in the Paleozoic”

10 Andy Mayer, “Interoception Frog”

11 Julie Whelan Capell, “Wrong and right”

12 Milwaukee Courthouse and St. John’s Cathedral

13 Gwendolyn Lazenby, “The Cycle”

18 Lake Michigan Shoreline

19 Ben Lash, “Time Without Time, Space Without Space”

20 Ben Lash “Maia’s Madison Grassland”

21 Claire Shiparski, “Un Tramonto a Lugano”

22 Biany Calixto-Dominguez, “Song of Broken Tongues”

26 A Young Woman Sits Alone in the ICU

32 Jordyn Vena, “White Washed”

33 Julie Whelan Capell, “Unanimous”

34 Milwaukeeans March in Remembrance of Martin Luther King Jr.

————— Family

36 Matthew Covington, “Moving Day, 1974”

38 Ben Lash, The Dragonfly’s Journey

39 Eric Seger-Pera, Mossy Railing

40 Fiona Kelly-Miller, “Our laughter”

41 Julie Whelan Capell, Apocalypse pantry

42 Rebecca Matthew, “Chained”

43 Kelsie Kasky, “In Memory of”

45 Alex Garner, Remembering the Water

47 Family Overlooking the Wisconsin Dells

48 Karen Nahkla, “Golden Tears”

50 Julie Whelan-Capell, “Metta Sonnet”

51 Matthew Faller, “A Hug”

————— Creativity

53 Matthew Faller, “A Return to Writing”

54 Jordyn Vena, “Priorities”

55 Margarita Buitrago, “Thought Circus”

56 Timothy Knapp, Phonics

67 Eric Nassos, “A Coffee Shop Dream”

69 Margarita Buitrago, “Eights of Smoke”

70 Eric Seger-Pera, “Amerigo”

71 Milwaukee Atheneuem

72 Eric Nassos, “Addicted Author”

73 Nora Bravos, Jaundice, Picture of Health, In Vogue

74 Timothy Knapp, “Sessionable”

75 Eric Nassos, “Eyebrows”

76 Rebecca Matthew, “Dear King”

85 Kelsy Kasky, “etta”

86 Emma Mueller, “No One to Blame”

91 Andy Mayer, Old Globe

92 Margarita Buitrago, “The Crustacean Hindrance of Life”

93 Margarita Buitrago. “Masquerade”

99 Eric Seger-Pera, “Darkness”

100 Eric Nassos, “Ear”

101 Eric Nassos,“Hand”

102 Gracie Overstreet, “Because Wild Animals Don’t Get Panic Attacks”

103 Nora Bravos, “Fever dream”

104 Nora Bravos. “Shoes That I’ll Use to Stomp on You”

106 Timothy Knapp, “Lamp”

107 Margarita Buitrago, “When I Reach Delphinium Station”

108 Ben Lash, “South of Old Town”

109 Authors’ Biographies

110 Editors’ Biographies