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Fall 1999

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Sport Marketing Quarterly

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Sports marketing is a fast-growing business endeavor. However, certain aspects of it have drawn criticisms from several corners (e.g., media, government, coaches, and fans). This paper raises a number of ethical questions about various dimensions of sports marketing. Advice for addressing some of the ethical problems that occur is provided. The paper specifically asks if organizations using professional sports associations as a promotional lever for increasing sales can be hurt by a lack of ethics on the part of the leagues, teams, or players. It also implies that sport organizations, regardless of economic benefits derived or strong player unions, have an obligation to create a positive and sustainable ethical climate and deliver an enforceable ethical code.


Published version. Sport Marketing Quarterly, Vol. 8, No. 4 (Fall 1999): 43-53. Publisher Link. ©1999 Fitness Information Technology. Used with permission.

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