Understanding the Modern Russian Police

Understanding the Modern Russian Police



Understanding the Modern Russian Police represents the culmination of ten years of research and an ongoing partnership between the Volgograd Academy of Russian Internal Affairs Ministry (VA MVD) and the Volgograd branch of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (VAPA). The book provides a timely and comprehensive analysis of the historical development, functions, and contemporary challenges faced by the modern Russian police.

Spanning more than two centuries of history, the book covers:

  • The tsarist police evolution that witnessed the creation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation (MVD) in 1802 and concluding with the 1917 October Revolution
  • The Soviet era from the 1917 October Revolution until Stalin’s death in 1953
  • The Khrushchev and Brezhnev periods, and the Soviet police’s maturation into a professionally educated and well-equipped law enforcement system
  • The transformational period of police development beginning with Gorbachev’s perestroika and concluding with the first term of Putin in 2008
  • The structure, authority, and workforce of the modern Russian police
  • Public-police relationships existing today in Russia
  • Reports by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch on corruption and abuse of power, along with a legal analysis of practices by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR)
  • The 2011 Police Reform by Medvedev

The book concludes with some predictions on the future of the Russian police and its potential reforms. Encompassing the efforts of many great researchers from Russia, this exhaustive review of the history of policing in Russia enables readers to comprehend the societal and political forces that have shaped policing in this country.



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Taylor & Francis (CRC Press)


Boca Raton, FL


Political Science | Sociology


Table of Contents

Preface, ix

About the Authors, xvii

List of Illustrations, xix

List of Tables, xxi

Section I Evolution Of The Russian Police: From The Imperial Russian Police To A Post-Soviet Russian Militia,:

1., Russian Police Prior To The October Revolution Of 1917, 3

1.1., Creation Of The Ministry Of Interior Affairs And Subsequent Emergence Of A Police Bureaucracy During The Reign Of Alexander I And Nicolas I: 1801-1855, 3

1.1.1., Early Development Of The Ministry Of Internal Affairs Under The Reign Of Alexander I, 3

1.1.2., Development Of The MVD After The 1825 Decembrist Uprising: Establishment Of The Third Department And Corps Of Gendarmes, 8

1.2., Police Administration During The Reform Era: 1856-1881, 10

1.2.1., Self-Governance Reform And Police Administration, 10

1.2.2., Judicial Reform Of 1864 And Police Administration, 13

1.2.3., Reform Of Censorship And Police Administration, 15

1.2.4., Further Police Development: 1860s-1870s, 16

1.3., Imperial Police During The Counterreforms Of Alexander III And Nicolas II: 1881-March 1917, 19

1.4., Police Development Between The Two Revolutions: March 1917-October 1917, 23

1.5., Concluding Remarks, 25

Endnotes, 30

2., Creation And Early Development Of The Soviet Police: 1917-1953, 37

2.1., Creation Of The Soviet Militia Of Peasants And Workers-its Role During The Civil War Of 1917-1919, 37

2.2., Policing During The New Economic Policy (NEP) Of 1921-1928, 42

2.3., Transformation Of The Soviet Police Under Stalin (1930s-1953), 46

2.4., Concluding Remarks, 55

Endnotes, 59

3., Further Soviet Police Developments: 1953-1985, 67

3.1., Development Of The Soviet Police After Stalin's Death: 1953-1964, 67

3.2., Counterreform Of The Soviet Police During The Late 1960s And Stagnation During The Mid 1980s (1964-1985), 73

3.3., Concluding Remarks, 80

Endnotes, 83

4., Transformation Of The Soviet And Post-Soviet Police From 1985 To 2008, 89

4.1., Soviet Police Under Gorbachev: 1985-1991, 89

4.2., Early Development Of The Post-Soviet Police Under Yeltsin: 1991-1999, 94

4.3., Development Of The Modern Russian Police Under Putin: 1999-2008, 103

4.4., Concluding Remarks, 107

Endnotes, 109

Section II Current State Of Post-Soviet Police: Structure, Identity, And Modern Policy Issues,

5., Structure, Function, And The Workforce Of The Modern Russian Police, 119

5.1., Structure Of MVD Agencies, 119

5.1.1., Overall Structure, 119

5.1.2., Central Apparatus Of The MVD, 120

5.1.3., Main Department Of The MVD In Federal Districts, 126

5.1.4., Ministry Of MVD Within The Republic Or The MVD Regional Department, 128

5.1.5., The Circuit Departments Of The MVD, 130

5.1.6., State Inspection Security Of The Traffic Movement Police (GIBDD), 133

5.1.7., Interior Troops Of The MVD, 135

5.2., MVD Agency Authorities, 136

5.2.1., Operative-Search Authorities Of Agencies Of Internal Affairs, 136

5.2.2., Investigative Authority Of The Internal Affairs Agencies, 138

5.2.3., Inquiry Authority Of The Internal Affairs Agencies, 140

5.2.4., Authorities Of Internal Affairs Agencies Related To Administrative Violations, 141

5.2.5., Internal Affairs Agency Authority To Protect Public Order, 142

5.2.6., Internal Affairs Agency Authorities In The Area Of Juvenile Delinquency, 143

5.2.7., Internal Affairs Agencies With Traffic Control Authority, 144

5.2.8., Internal Affairs Agency Authorities In The Area Of Licensing, 145

5.2.9., Activities Of The Internal Affairs' Agencies (Agencies Of Federal Migration Service) In The Areas Of Passport Control And Registration Of Citizen Movement, 146

5.3., Workforce Of MVD Agencies, 147

5.3.1., Training And Educational Institutions Of The MVD System, 147

5.3.2., MVD Personnel Recruitment, 148

5.3.3., Job Assessment And Motivation, 149

5.3.4., Gender Issues Within The MVD Workforce, 150

5.4., Concluding Remarks, 151

Endnotes, 154

6., Public-Police Relations In Modern Russia, 165

6.1., General Public Views Of The Russian Police, 165

6.2., Crime Rates, Victimization, Fear Of Crime, And Contact With Police, 173

6.3., Issues Of Public-Police Cooperation In Russia, 184

6.4., Perceptions Of Police Officers In Public-Police Relations, 188

6.5., Media And Public-Police Relations, 189

6.6., Concluding Remarks, 196

Endnotes, 197

7., Police Corruption And Abuse Of Power In Russia, 201

7.1., General Problem Of Police Corruption In Russia, 201

7.2., Underlying Factors Of Police Corruption In Russia, 206

7.3., Common Forms Of Police Corruption In Russia, 211

7.3.1., Physical Abuse And Torture, 211

7.3.2., Bribery And Other Illegal "Income Activities" By Police Officers, 217

7.3.3., Abuse Of Power And Manipulation Of Statistics, 220

7.3.4., High-Order Police Corruption And Corruption Networks In Russia, 222

7.4., Police Corruption And Ethnic Minorities, 224

7.5., Analysis Of Modern Anticorruption Measures In Russia, 225

7.6., Concluding Remarks, 230

Endnotes, 231

8., Conclusion: The Path To Reforms, 243

Endnotes, 251

References, 257

Index, 299

Understanding the Modern Russian Police