International and Intercultural Public Relations : a Campaign Case Approach

International and Intercultural Public Relations : a Campaign Case Approach



International and Intercultural Public Relations: A Campaign Case Approach uses both the case method and an analysis of public relations campaigns to help students learn to apply concepts of planning, research, and international or intercultural communication to the field of public relations. It is appropriate for general public relations campaigns courses, as well as those specifically focused on intercultural or international public relations. This text provides a format for analyzing public relations campaigns and then applies it in 19 case studies written by public relations scholars.



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1. An Introduction to Public Relations Campaign Analysis

2. Research for Public Relations Campaigns

3. Public Relations Objectives and Strategies

4. Public Relations Tactics and Evaluation

5. Intercultural and International Contexts for Public Relations

6. Guidelines for Successful Intercultural or International Public Relations.

Intercultural and International Public Relations Cases.

Case 1: Corporate Reputation Under Attack: A Case Study of Nike’s Public Relations Campaign to Blunt Negative Perceptions of Its Labor Practices

Case 2: Más Que Comida, Es Vida—It’s More than Food, It’s Life

Case 3: The International Campaign to Ban Landmines and the Ban Bus Campaign

Case 4: Internal Public Relations in the Post-War Balkans

Case 5: Protecting Drug Patents in Africa

Case 6: Competing Community Relations Campaigns in Australia: Public Relations Efforts For and Against a Biosolids Production Facility

Case 7: Global Public Relations in South Korea: A Case Study of a Multinational Corporation

Case 8: The Latvian Naturalization Project

Case 9: The Bhopal Carbide Disaster: A Lesson in International Crisis Communication

Case 10: Developing and Maintaining the Aljazeera Web Sites

Case 11: How Public Relations Improved Internal Communication in a Large South African Financial Services Organization

Case 12: Image Building in the International Media: A Case Study of the Finlandia Communications Program

Case 13: Avon’s “Kiss Goodbye to Breast Cancer” Campaign in the Philippines

Case 14: One Tambon-One Product Project

Case 15: The Colombian Coffee Growers’ Association

Case 16: Protection of the Environment and People in Nigeria ’s Ogoni Land : A Study of the Practices of Shell and other Multinational Oil Companies

Case 17: St. Jude’s Healthcare Campaign in Brazil

Case 18: Burson-Marsteller’s Depression Awareness Campaign in Thailand

Case 19: Public Television in the United States and Croatia: A Comparison of Two Campaigns

International and Intercultural Public Relations : a Campaign Case Approach