Modern Control Systems, 8th edition

Modern Control Systems, 8th edition



Two new features have been added to the eighth edition to complement the book’s strong integration of design and analysis. The Sequential Design Problem feature, using a disk drive as the example, highlights the main themes in each chapter and how they impact the design of a control system. A Continuous Design Problem is included at the end of each problem set to give students an opportunity to model, analyze, and design various types of controllers for a table-top machine tool as they proceed through the chapters. The textbook provides a clear exposition of the basic principles of control system design techniques using frequency- and time-domain methods as well as the state variable method.



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Pearson (Addison-Wesley)


Menlo Park, CA


Engineering | Mechanical Engineering


Ch. 1 Introduction to Control Systems

Ch. 2 Mathematical Models of Systems

Ch. 3 State Variable Models

Ch. 4 Feedback Control System Characteristics

Ch. 5 The Performance of Feedback Control Systems

Ch. 6 The Stability of Linear Feedback Systems

Ch. 7 The Root Locus Method

Ch. 8 Frequency Response Methods

Ch. 9 Stability in the Frequency Domain

Ch. 10 The Design of Feedback Control Systems

Ch. 11 The Design of State Variable Feedback Systems

Ch. 12 Robust Control Systems

Ch. 13 Digital Control Systems

App. A Laplace Transform Pairs

App. B Symbols, Units, and Conversion Factors

App. C An Introduction to Matrix Algebra

App. D Decibel Conversion

App. E Complex Numbers

App. F MATLAB Basics

App. G z-Transfer Pairs



Modern Control Systems, 8th edition