Missions, States, and European Expansion in Africa

Missions, States, and European Expansion in Africa



Missions, States, and European Expansion in Africa aims to explore the ways Christianity and colonialism acted as hegemonic or counter hegemonic forces in the making of African societies. As Western interventionist forces, Christianity and colonialism were crucial in establishing and maintaining political, cultural, and economic domination. Indeed, both elements of Africa’s encounter with the West played pivotal roles in shaping African societies during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. This volume uses a wide range of perspectives to address the intersection between missions, evangelism, and colonial expansion across Africa. The contributors address several issues, including missionary collaboration with the colonizing effort of European powers; disagreements between missionaries and colonizing agents; the ways in which missionaries and colonial officials used language, imagery, and European epistemology to legitimize relations of inequality with Africans; and the ways in which both groups collaborated to transform African societies.



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Table of Contents


1. All Things to All People: Christian Missionaries in Nineteenth Century South Africa

2. To Hang a Ladder in the Air: Talking About African Education in Edinburgh in 1910

3. Catholicism, Protestantism, and Imperial Claims in the Kabaka’s Buganda, 1860-1902

4. Collaboration, Containment, and Control: Missionary Impulse and the Construction of Colonial Nigeria

5. The Ambivalent Triumvirates on the Niger: European Traders, Christian Evangelism, and British Imperial Politics in Southern Nigeria, 1850-1899

6. Collaborative Landscape: The Mission, the State, and Their Subjects in the Making of Northeastern Tanzania's Terrain, 1870-1900

7. American Evangelical Christian Encounters in Southern Sudan, 1900-present

8. Missions, Colonial Expansionism, and the Supplanting of African Religion

9. African Agents of CMS and the Tightrope of Mission versus Empire 1842 – 1891

10. Constructing Hegemonies: Gender, Race and Missions in Colonial Kenya

11. Threatening Gestures, Immoral Bodies: The Intersection of Church, State, and Kongo Performances in the Belgian Congo

Missions, States, and European Expansion in Africa