A Companion to the Brontes

A Companion to the Brontes



A Companion to the Brontës brings the latest literary research and theory to bear on the life, work, and legacy of the Brontë family.

  • Includes sections on literary and critical contexts, individual texts, historical and cultural contexts, reception studies, and the family’s continuing influence
  • Features in-depth articles written by well-known and emerging scholars from around the world
  • Addresses topics such as the Gothic tradition, film and dramatic adaptation, psychoanalytic approaches, the influence of religion, and political and legal questions of the day – from divorce and female disinheritance, to worker reform
  • Incorporates recent work in Marxist, feminist, post-colonial, and race and gender studies



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Wiley- Blackwell


Hoboken, NJ


Bronte, criticism-- interpretation


English Language and Literature | Literature in English, British Isles


Table of Contents

Introduction Imaginative Forms and Literary/Critical Contexts. Experimentation and the Early Writings

The Brontës and the Gothic Tradition

The Critical Recuperation of and Theoretical Approaches to the Brontës

Journeying Home


Wuthering Heights

Jane Eyre

The Tenant of Wildfell Hall

Agnes Grey

Charlotte Brontë's

Charlotte Brontë's


Poetry, Campaigning Articles, and Letters by Patrick Brontë

The Poetry and Verse Drama of Branwell Brontë

Poetry of Anne, Charlotte, and Emily

The Artwork of the Brontës

The Letters and Brussels Essays

Reception Studies. The Brontës and the Periodicals of the 1820s and 1830s The Brontës and the Victorian Reading Public, 1846-1860

Historical, Intellectual, and Cultural Contexts. The Temptations of a Daughterless Mother

Race, Slavery, and the Slave Trade

Marriage and Divorce in the Novels

Physical and Mental Health in the Brontës’ Lives and Works

The Brontës and the Death Question

The Irish Heritage of the Brontës

The Intellectual and Philosophical Contexts

The Religion(s) of the Brontës

Reading the Arts in the Brontë Fiction

Politics, Legal Concerns, and Reforms

Class and Gender in the Brontë Novels

Afterlives of the Brontës and Their Filmic Adaptations

Mixed Signals

Brontë Hauntings

The Brontë Family in Popular Culture

The Brontë Parsonage Museum, the Brontë Society, and the Preservation of Brontëana

Biographical Myths and Legends of the Brontës

A Companion to the Brontes