Modern control systems analysis and design using MATLAB and SIMULINK

Modern control systems analysis and design using MATLAB and SIMULINK



This supplement includes ways to integrate more of the design process into their undergraduate controls course as well as improve their students' computer skills. In each chapter, a problem from the Modern Control Systems textbook has been changed into a design problem and various aspects of the design process are explored.



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Feedback control systems, MATLAB, SIMULINK


Acoustics, Dynamics, and Controls | Mechanical Engineering


Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Control Systems. A Space Shuttle Example. Introduction. The Design Process. SIMULINK. Summary

2. Mathematical Models of Systems. Fluid Flow Modeling Example. Introduction. Fluid Flow Modeling. Mathematical Model and Assumptions. Differential Equations of Motion. Solutions to the Equations of Motion. Summary

3. State Variable Models. A Space Station Example. Introduction. Two Simple Physical Systems. Spacecraft Control. Simplified Nonlinear Model. Linearization. Pitch Axis Analysis. Summary

4. Feedback Control System Characteristics. Blood Pressure Control Example. Introduction. Error Signal Analysis. Blood Pressure Control During Anesthesia. Summary

5. Performance of Feedback Control Systems. Airplane Lateral Dynamics Example. Introduction. Airplane Lateral Dynamics. Bank Angle Control Design. Simulation Development. Summary

6. Stability of Linear Feedback Systems. Robot-controlled Motorcycle Example. Introduction. BIBO Stability. Robot-controlled Motorcycle. Stability Analysis. Disturbance Response. Analysis **queried**. Summary

7. Root Locus Method. Automobile Velocity Control Example. Introduction. Sketching a Root Locus. PID Controller. Automobile Velocity Control. Summary

8. Frequency Response Methods. Six-legged Ambler Example. Introduction. A Simple Physical System. Six-legged Ambler. Controller Selection. Controller Design. Summary

9. Stability in the Frequency-Domain. Hot Ingot Robot Control Example. Introduction. Hot Ingot Robot Control. Proportional Controller Design. Nyquist Plot for a System with a Time-Delay. Padé Approximation. Nyquist Plot with Padé Approximation. PI Controller Design. Summary

10. Design of Feedback Control Systems. Milling Machine Control Example. Introduction. Lead and Lag Compensators. Milling Machine Control System. Lag Compensator Design. Summary

11. Design of State Variable Feedback Systems. Diesel Electric Locomotive Example. Introduction. Robot Drive Train Dynamics. More on Controllability. More on Observability. Diesel Electric Locomotive Example. State Feedback Controller Design. System Simulation with SIMULINK. Summary

12. Robust Control Systems. Digital Audio Tape Speed Control Example. Introduction. Uncertain Time-Delays. Digital Audio Tape Example. PID Controller Design. Summary

13. Digital Control Systems. Fly-by-Wire Control Surface Example. Introduction. Fly-by-Wire Aircraft Control Surface. Meeting Settling Time and Percent. Controller Design. Summary

Appendix: Useful Design Formulas



Modern control systems analysis and design using MATLAB and SIMULINK