Discovering Common Mission: Lutherans and Episcopalians Together

Discovering Common Mission: Lutherans and Episcopalians Together



In 2000 the Episcopal Church and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America began a relationship of full communion based on the document "Called to Common Mission." This momentous agreement, bringing together the reformed and catholic traditions, came after years of discussion and some resistance. As the possibilities for living and working together evolve across all levels of these two churches' lives, there will inevitably arise many questions about the details--from shared worship and mission initiatives to interchangeability in deploying clergy. Discovering Common Mission is a collection of essays that address the issues.



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Preface, vii.

Dedication and Acknowledgments, ix.

I. The Ecclesiology of Called to Common Mission by J. Robert Wright, 1.

2. Called to Common Mission and the Episcopate by Martin E. Marty, 27.

3. The Historic Episcopate in the Context of Apostolic Succession by Mark Dyer, 48.

4. Called to Common Mission: Is it worth the tribulation? by Jon S. Enslin, 60.

5. Planting in Uncertain Stories: The Ritual of Ecumenical Life by J. Neil Alexander, 71.

6. Bishops: Why Bother? The Chicago-Lambeth Quadrilateral as Anglican Ecumenical Starting Point by Robert B. Slocum, 97.

7. Called to Common Mission: Some Marginal Questions by Reginald H. Fuller, 127.

8. The Lessons of Called to Common Mission by George H. Tavard, 138.

9. Steps to Common Mission: A Narrative Chronology by Don S. Armentrout, 149.

10. Called to Commission Mission (The Document), 166.

11. Lutheran-Episcopal Festivals and Commemorations by Robert H. Busch, 190.

Glossary, 200.

Bibliography, 239.

Contributors, 250.

Discovering Common Mission: Lutherans and Episcopalians Together