New Perspectives on 2 Enoch: No Longer Slavonic Only


New Perspectives on 2 Enoch: No Longer Slavonic Only



New Perspectives on 2 Enoch: No Longer Slavonic Only presents a collection of papers from the fifth conference of the Enoch Seminar. The conference re-examines 2 Enoch, an early Jewish apocalyptic text previously known to scholars only in its Slavonic translation, in light of recently identified Coptic fragments. This approach helps to advance the understanding of many key issues of this enigmatic and less explored Enochic text. One of the important methodological lessons of the current volume lies in the recognition that the Adamic and Melchizedek traditions, the mediatorial currents which play an important role in the apocalypse, are central for understanding the symbolic universe of the text. The volume also contains the recently identified Coptic fragments of 2 Enoch, introduced to scholars for the first time during the conference.



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Preliminary Material

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By: Andrei A. Orlov and Gabriele Boccaccini

No Longer “Slavonic” Only: 2 Enoch Attested in Coptic from Nubia

By: Joost L. Hagen

The “Book of the Secrets of Enoch” (2 En): Between Jewish Origin and Christian Transmission. An Overview

By: Christfried Böttrich

The Provenance of 2 Enoch: A Philological Perspective. A Response to C. Böttrich’s Paper “The ‘Book of the Secrets of Enoch’ (2 En): Between Jewish Origin and Christian Transmission. An Overview”

2 Enoch: Manuscripts, Recensions, and Original Language

By: Grant Macaskill

The Sacerdotal Traditions of 2 Enoch and the Date of the Text

By: Andrei A. Orlov

Excavating 2 Enoch: The Question of Dating and the Sacerdotal Traditions

By: David W. Suter

2 Enoch and the New Perspective on Apocalyptic

By: Crispin H. T. Fletcher-Louis

The Watchers of Satanail: The Fallen Angels Traditions in 2 Enoch

By: Andrei A. Orlov

Patriarch, Prophet, Author, Angelic Rival: Exploring the Relationship of 1 Enoch to 2 Enoch in Light of the Figure of Enoch

By: Kelley Coblentz Bautch and Daniel Assefa

Calendrical Elements in 2 Enoch

By: Basil Lourié

2 Enoch and Halakhah

By: Lawrence H. Schiffman

Halakha, Calendars, and the Provenances of 2 Enoch

By: Daniel Stökl Ben Ezra

Adam As a Mediatorial Figure in Second Temple Jewish Literature

By: John R. Levison

“Better Watch Your Back, Adam”: Another Adam and Eve Tradition in Second Temple Judaism

By: Lester L. Grabbe

Adamic Traditions in 2 Enoch and in the Books of Adam and Eve

By: Johannes Magliano-Tromp

Adamic Traditions in Early Christian and Rabbinic Literature

By: Alexander Toepel

Adamic Tradition in Slavonic Manuscripts (Vita Adae et Evae and Apocryphal Cycle about the Holy Tree)

By: Anissava Miltenova

Melchizedek Traditions in Second Temple Judaism

By: Eric F. Mason

Melchizedek at Qumran and in Judaism: A Response

By: Devorah Dimant

Enoch and Melchizedek: The Concern for Supra-Human Priestly Mediators in 2 Enoch

By: Charles A. Gieschen

Melchizedek in Some Early Christian Texts and 2 Enoch

By: Harold W. Attridge

“Much to Say and Hard to Explain” Melchizedek in Early Christian Literature, Theology, and Controversy

By: Pierluigi Piovanelli

On Adam, Enoch, Melchizedek, and Eve

By: Daphna Arbel

Bibliography on 2 Enoch

By: Andrei A. Orlov

Index of Modern Authors

New Perspectives on 2 Enoch: No Longer Slavonic Only